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  • LIVE COACHING x2 Month Zoom Webinars Ask Cindy anything! Post your questions ahead, or ask them live, to keep you moving forward.
  • 5 Human Handbook VideosTransformative Teachings on unconscious dreaming, the movie in the mind, awakening, and the ego.
  • 7 BONUS Videoson stopping and reversing suffering see details below.
  • Step-by-Step Training — I am designing a progressive program for conscious awakening and insight, based on your needs.
  • Guides that Map Your Journey from stopping and reversing suffering, to feeling good, then seeing the mistakes you made so that you get results and lasting clarity.
  • Master a Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace you can access anywhere, any time.
  • Experience and consciously recognize three powers you possess which cause unconscious suffering, so that you can end the confusion and failure.
  • Do body-mind experiements in the Driver's Seat of the Mind to discover how the mind, thoughts and feelings work, so that...
  • You can become a conscious, sober, and awake driver of your life experience.
  • Experimental Exercises — that give you new understanding on how the mind, thoughts, and feelings work.
  • Accountability — so that you keep getting results.
  • Resources, Tools & ChecklistsMilestones along the way to help you navigate your return to inner peace.

7 BONUSES: When you join today… 


  • How to Stop and Reverse Suffering [VIDEO] — so you can cut the power to stressing, judging and suffering—and switch to joy!
  • The Movie in the Mind [VIDEO] — explains the human condition and cause of suffering. Knowledge of this is power!
  • The Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace [VIDEO] — Discover three powers you have that cause and cure unconsciously dreaming the mind, so you can finally be free.


  • Five Stages of Conscious Awakening [VIDEO] — to understand how and why we can go from heaven to hell in a heartbeat.
  • 7 Stages Ego to Enlightenment Introduction [PDF] — to know where you are on the path, and what you need to do next.
  • Four Ways to Recognize Unconsciousness [VIDEO] — for freedom from mind, attachment, and unquestioned beliefs, so you can go beyond roadblocks.
  • Sense Presence Meditation — [AUDIO MP3] to experience and practice inner peace.
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  • Cindy's been speaking and succesfully coaching seekers for 12 years.
  • Now it's being pulled together in a step-by-step system for everyone to experiement with, use, practice, and benefit from.
  • It's been described as a cross between Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Rumi, Ramana Maharshi, Zen and Advaita—yet provides unique clarity on using reality, awakening, inquiry, surrender—and love and joy.
  • Modern presentation of timeless teachings, making them applicable and accessible to the human experience today
  • Discover for yourself the difference between dreaming the mind and waking up. Wake-up on the spot, and realize it.
  • The unique methods just have to be experienced for profound insight.
  • Discover powers you possess that need to be used consciously.
  • Unleash peace, wisdom, love and joy, and let it handle everything.

Why you need 


Most people go from spiritual teacher to teacher, not getting very far with anyone.

What's been missing is

  • true teachings and real techniques you can use to apply them for results,
  • coaching to get you unstuck, and
  • accountability to keep you moving forward, even when the mind says "you're tired" or "you can't do this."

With Cindy you can deep dive, applying teachings in your own direct experience, doing experiments with your own body-mind, and putting it all to test in your real life.

All instead of jumping from program to program getting mere mental, intellectual learning—which changes nothing.

Direct, personal help from a genuine teacher is a rare opportunity.

Meet Your


Cindy Teevens

CINDY TEEVENS is known as the spiritual facilitator who keeps it real. Her suffering was suddenly swapped for love and joy in 2009.

Months later, love exploded with the end of the imaginary separation of self and other, and all she could do was laugh at the cosmic joke.

Always real, clear, strong, unconceptual and sometimes funny, she's grounded in the single blissful truth that sets us free.

Her life and mission is dedicated to reversing suffering and unleashing love, joy, and peace.



"So honored to be a part of this amazing community!! ❤️ In love and reality!" — LJ Nast, Florida USA

I'm grateful for being depression free and free of my mind. — Alice Seb

"Feels good to feel good 🥰. What a beautiful community." — Mei Croner, Meditation Facilitator

2x Month


Cindy I want to thank you once again for all you do!! The practice is consistent and the most beautiful things are happening...

Loss of thought being a huge one...loss of pain and suffering as it was...the openness and acceptance of what is, that I never experienced before you... that I never noticed before your pointings...

I am so excited to go deeper...feeling this good on the very bumpy road to waking up... I cannot even begin to imagine (of course that is thought), the joy and love that is the real me.

I am excited to continue this discovery with you...I just wanted to share that with you and my gratitude 🙏 ~ Tracey Archambault, FL USA

Dear Cindy. Just wanted to give you an update. I am so very grateful for your teachings. Your encouragement and repetition has been so very helpful ...

Your analogy in video 175 of how to cut the power to suffering and switch to joy is so clear.

This was such a missing piece for my journey with depression or almost bi-polarity.

I never paid enough attention to how I actually switched from suffering to joy from joy back to suffering. I did not see how I was doing that. I just fell from being in a state of love and peace and joy then suddenly switched to intense suffering.

The more this happened the more energy I had created. So the power was amplified. I was going from heaven to hell but nobody could explain to me how or why.

I really thought I was sick broken, mentally ill. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is what should be taught at school!!! Just feel so much joy and gratitude!!

Thank you for your tough love and not ever writing me off as hopeless.

I have been looking for these missing pierces for 36 years. Nobody I found was able to teach me this!

Best investment I ever made. With gratitude and love to a teacher and now dear friend, Cindy Teevens . 💜🙏 Thank you, Cindy! - Alice Sebestyen Aurora, Australia

I was severely addicted to drugs for nearly half of my life. I was in codependent, dead end relationships, believing I was only worth as much as I was physically attractive. I chose jobs aimlessly. Even when I got sober in the 12 step program, I knew that the model was lacking and I pursued outside support.

I don’t want you to spend years and money on unending conceptual pseudo therapy like I did (inner child healing and shadow work, positive thinking and manifestation etc., etc.).

This past August, I joined Cindy Teevens, Spiritual Facilitator’s 10 day Happy Way Challenge. I had no idea that it would change my experience of reality forever.

Cindy offers practical techniques, deep wisdom and unwavering presence to deliver real help to end suffering for good.

When I joined the challenge, I had just ended another fruitless attempt at having a romantic relationship. I went from deeply believing and behaving as if I needed a partner to feel complete, to genuinely having no desire for romantic partnership.

Yet, the intimacy that I am experiencing with others has increased immeasurably, because I am no longer seeking approval and validation from the outside.

I spent years practicing other methods which I am forever grateful for, and it wasn’t until coming to this work and community that I began learning how to literally leave the mind alone and question my identity at a deeper level.

I am not who I thought I was, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. - Mei Croner, NC, USA

Earlier, as I started going down the rabbit hole, which is in fact the mind "hole", I watched one of our recordings and a feeling of gratitude or love, not sure what emotion but a fuzzy warm and nice feeling one, arose. For you. I am so lucky to have you on my side, guiding me and teaching me.

The amount of peace that brings is undeniable and you seem to say that this is just the beginning! I just wanted to share the sentiment.

Another day...
There is something I want to share: In Thursday session, 09/29, something happened that I cannot explain very well with words. While Diana did her work with Cindy, I was attentive, and I did the exercises that she asked Diana, using “my problem".

When the session was over, a huge peace was lodged in the middle of my chest, I was very calm and there was silence in my head… and that continued until nighttime and the next morning.

I am very grateful to Cindy Teevens and everyone in the group because I realized that by watching and participating, I can also heal through you. This was the first time I deeply experienced the shift. - Teresa Cutelle, Argentina

Still NOT SURE About The VALUE?

"I was going from heaven to hell but nobody could explain to me how or why. I have been looking for these missing pieces for 36 years. Nobody I found was able to teach me this!" — Alice Sebestyen Aurora, Australian

"Come and experience how a rising tide lifts all boats." — Cindy Teevens, Spiritual Facilitator, who keeps it real


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